High performance of original guitar sound.

Specific 6.5 inch full range speaker and cabinet design,

for acoustic guitars and human voice.

Elegant cabinet design.

Folk style wood texture, wooden material cabinet with grid webbing speaker cover.

All design compact and clean.

Sink for amp stand at one side.

PU leather hand strap. Anti slip soft plastic handle.

4 hard plastic cushion at buttom to protect the amp from scratching.

Simple and clear buttons operation panel. Easy to operate.

Connecting sockets designed in a line, easy to extend the connections.

Rechargeable Li-battery inside.

Recharge 3 hours, for use 6 hours ( under 80% volume ).

Net weight: 3.6kg.

Dimensions: 28*19*20cm

Guitar channel: Bass and treble controls, reverb effect, volume control.

Mic channel: reverb effect, volume control.

Amp master volume control.

Bluetooth version 4.2

Guitar input: 6.35mm socket, impedance - 10Kohm.

Mic input: 6.35mm socket, impedance - 1Kohm.

Line socket: 3.5mm diameter, stereo.

Power: 15V/1.5A DC, positive central tip.

Start your music journey with AG-26A now ......

Have infinity enjoyment and happiness




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